Manager’s Checklist

For your convenience, Vancouver Whitecaps FC have prepared a checklist for all team managers.

Download printable PDF version

1. Read all tournament information, rules, and registration

2. Complete the online tournament application form

3. If accepted, a payment link will be emailed to the head coach/team manager

4. Make hotel reservations using the Vancouver Whitecaps FC list of host hotels

5. Make travel arrangements (air, bus, car, etc).

6. If required, complete Travel Permits documentation from provincial/state association or other governing bodies

7. Confirm rooming lists with hotels. Please release any unused rooms

8. Complete and submit roster for the College Handbook

9. All teams from outside British Columbia shall supply proof of accident/injury/illness medical insurance to the Tournament Host, no later than seven days prior to the first day of the tournament. Failure to comply will disqualify the team from participating in the tournament

10. Given a copy of the tournament rules to the coach

11. Prepare for registration:

    • Update your registration with all correct information including jersey numbers
    • Obtained player cards with photo for all players
    • Have travel permit paper in hand

12. Prepare the team and parents:

    • Advise them of field assignments and schedule
    • Give everyone maps and directions to Showcase fields

13. At the event:

    • Check-in at the registration table on site at Newton Athletic Park
    • Pick up team welcome package