By registering for the Vancouver Whitecaps FC Showcase, all teams acknowledge and accept responsibility for reviewing and understanding the tournament information and abiding by the tournament rules and policies.

Main Tournament Contact:

Nic Hendrickson
Project Coordinator, Soccer Development.
Phone: 604-669-9283

Official standings will not be kept; scores will be reported (by the referee) and posted here, on the tournament website

The home team will always be the first team listed on the schedule and will be responsible to change their kit in the event of a conflict.

All teams travelling from out of town, requiring accommodations must stay at one of the Vancouver Whitecaps FC Showcase host hotels. Teams will be asked to provide confirmation of booking. Any team found to have not booked at a host hotel risk being removed from the tournament with no refund provided.

All teams must check in prior to their first match at the tournament headquarters at Newton Athletic Park. Please arrive a minimum of one hour prior to your match time.

All teams must have or provide the following information at check-in:

  • Travel permit from provincial or state association (for non-BC based teams)
  • A designated person, with email address/cell phone number who can be contacted throughout the weekend
  • Age brackets include:
    • U15 2003 Freshmen (Grade 9)
    • U16 2002 Sophomore (Grade 10)
    • U18 2000/2001 Junior/Senior (Grade 11/12)
  • Teams may use guest players; no permit is required except for BCSPL matches
  • Player ID cards are not required, but may be requested
  • Proof of age may be requested and must be provided
  • Maximum roster size: 20 players
  • No overage players (unless dispensation is received from provincial or state association) will be eligible to play.
    • Proof of dispensation should be provided at the time of registration/check in
  • All players must be currently registered with their provincial or state association and be insured to participate in the tournament

There will be a first aid tent on-site throughout the weekend that will include first aid attendants and a trainer

The tournament headquarters will be based out Newton Athletic Park in Surrey, BC.

  • Played in accordance with FIFA laws
  • All matches will have 3 officials
  • Match balls will be provided by organizers
  • Size 5 balls will be used
  • U-16 to U-18: 45 minute halves (90 minute matches)
  • U-15: 40 minute halves (80 minute matches)
  • Halftime is 5 minutes in duration for all matches
  • Matches will end at full-time (no overtime will be played)
  • All teams are guaranteed 3 matches
  • Matches start on time to maintain schedule. Failure to start on time may require a match length is reduced
  • Substitutions are unlimited at the discretion of the referee
  • No warm-up session are to occur on match fields. Please use the casual spaces around the fields
  • Leave field/technical area immediately upon completion of match

Any player receiving a red card in a match is subject to discipline as follows:

  • An automatic suspension of his/her next tournament match
  • A further review by tournament discipline committee

Zero tolerance for abuse towards officials (potential for suspension for entire event)

Official standings will not be kept; scores will be reported (by the referee) and posted at Vancouver Whitecaps FC Showcase presented by Sport Chek headquarters at Newton Athletic Park and on the tournament website

The home team will always be the first team listed on the schedule and will be responsible to change their kit in the event of a conflict.

  • Players, coaches and spectators are expected to conduct themselves within the laws of the match. Displays of temper or dissent is cause for ejection from a match and the surrounding field area. Repeat violations may result in the suspension of the team from the tournament as decided by the tournament directors
  • It is the responsibility of the club/team to control the conduct of its parents and other spectators. Failure to do so may result in a warning to the coach or the person acting in the coaches behalf by the referee.  If unacceptable conduct continues, the referee may terminate the match
  • If the match is terminated due to spectator conduct, the club/team will be subject to disciplinary action as per BCSA policies
  • Alcoholic beverages are not permitted at any of the field sites
  • A team shall be allowed a 5-minute grace period after the scheduled kick-off time before the match is awarded to their opponent. A minimum of 7 players constitutes a team and if 7 players are present, the match will not be delayed.
  • If a team is the cause for termination of a match, that team will be considered to have forfeited that match. The determination as to which team is the cause for the termination shall be at the sole discretion of the referee on the field and the decision may not be protested
  • A forfeit shall be awarded to the opposing team as 3 points for a win. The score for all forfeited matches’ will be recorded as a 4-0 result
  • Playing a “red-carded player” (ie: a player receiving a red card or 2 yellow cards IN ONE MATCH) following the receipt of disciplinary action is grounds for forfeit

In the event of inclement weather, the organizers will have the authority to:

  • Relocate or reschedule any match(es)
  • Change the duration of any match(es)
  • Cancel any preliminary match(es)
  • A match is deemed to be completed if 25% or less remains un-played when called by a match official due to weather or playing conditions or for any other reason as per the referee
  • Determine the format for advancement
  • The tournament has scheduled 3 matches for each team. However, at the organizers’ discretion, the number of matches may be increased/reduced due to exceptional circumstances and the tournament is not liable for any expenses and no refunds/credits will be awarded
  • The tournament committee’s or their official representatives’ interpretation of the rules shall be final pertaining to this tournament. The committee, Vancouver Whitecaps FC and Sport Chek, will not be liable for any injuries sustained by any participant in the tournament on or off the field